Research Request

One specific item look-up (example Obituary) $15.00. For more than one Look-up go to the Research Charge.

Research charge is at a rate of $25.00 per hour. You can authorize the hours you wish to pay for on the form, or you can ask for a quote for research time.

Please email the branch directly at

All fees must be paid in advance. Fees can be paid as follows:

● in Canada by cheque or by credit card with PayPal
● in the US by cheque in US funds or by credit card with PayPal
● elsewhere in the world by PayPal* in US funds

Make all cheques payable to BRANT COUNTY BRANCH, OGS

Our volunteers are committed to building and maintaining an extensive research facility. Materials in our library are catalogued and entered into a computer database

Our volunteers are always on hand to assist you with locating materials and providing advice and support

Non-members can use facility to conduct research for a nominal charge of $10.00
We are non-profit organization
So! Come and Explore Genealogy !!




When Lookup/Research Request has been submitted, Please Allow 3 to 4 weeks for Your Request to be answered. They are done by our Volunteers.