Executives and Committees

Executives of 2019

Chair – Marilyn Cross,  Sandra Turnbull brantchairs@ogs.on.ca

Vice-Chair – Jan Freemen brantvicechair@ogs.on.ca

Secretary –  Barbara Parry brantsecretary@ogs.on.ca

Treasurer – Ray Wright  branttreasurer@ogs.on.ca

Committees for 2018

Facebook– Paul Barber brantoutreach@ogs.on.ca

Database – Brian Burgon brantdata@ogs.on.ca

Grants – Lana Jobe brantgrants@ogs.on.ca

Librarian – Jan Freemen brantlibrary@ogs.on.ca
Assistant Librarian – Patricia Burgon

Membership – Sheila Throop, Louise Kormos brantmembership@ogs.on.ca

Newsletter Editor – Barbara Parry, Jan Freeman brantnewsletters@ogs.on.ca

Programme and Public Relations – Barbara Parry  brantevents@ogs.on.ca

Research Requests – Brian Burgon, Lana Jobe brantresearch@ogs.on.ca

Social Convener – Vacant

Web Master and E-Store – Linda Rush-Sleeth brantwebmaster@ogs.on.ca