Subjects Master Index

Brant County Branch Index to Subjects in Flashbacks and Newspaper Articles

Version 50 – Feb 5, 2022

Businesses and Associations –BA

Churches – CH

This master index will assist the researcher in finding information on various subjects mentioned in Flashbacks in the Brantford Expositor from 1965 to 2015 when the Flashbacks were discontinued. The year 1986 is missing. Some Flashbacks from a few years previous to 1964 have been added. Also included are topics from newspapers other indexes in the library and library books.

Subjects covered range from manufacturers, retail stores, clubs and associations, churches, schools, hotels, etc. Military topics are also well represented.

The information may be found in indexed binders on the shelves of the Resource Centre.

To find a topic or specific topics may be entered in several ways based on how the subject was entered in the newspaper. To find a specific topic, it is better to enter one word from the possible subject than the full title. There are many entries for topics such as Massey Ferguson and Slingsby.

To search for a particular subject in the Subjects Name Index database, type the name into the search box and press enter. The database will retrieve the information. To sort the values into alphabetical order, click on the upward-pointing arrow beside the bold headings. To further refine your search, you can enter values in one or more of the search boxes just below the headings. There is no way to specify “exact” for subject typed in will appear in the search results.

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