Misner Family Reunion

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We hope you continue to keep well, are awaiting your second shot, and have developed new ways to live your life.  We suspect you will not be at all surprised that the organizers of the annual Misener Reunion are cancelling the 2021 Reunion planned for Aug. 21 in Wellandport. This is the second time our reunion has been cancelled, but it does not appear likely that we Canadians will be giving up our social distancing by August or have permission to gather in larger groups.

We are planning to keep our deposit with the Wellandport Community Centre and hope to have the 117th Reunion there on the 20th of August 2022.

We will definitely be sending out a newsletter in the Fall – and while there will be no group photo or door-prize winners – I am sure there will be milestones to announce.

If you have celebrations to share or milestones to announce – please let us know.    If you would like to write something about your family’s 2020 or 2021 experiences or share some of your family’s history, we would love to hear from you.

Items may be sent to:

Janet Fear

607-1265 Sixth Line,

Oakville, ON   L6H 1X2

Email:   fearja@gmail.com

Phone:  1-905-844-4773

We will miss everyone this year. Please stay safe, wear a mask if possible, and get vaccinated! We will get together next year.


The 2021 Misener Reunion Committee: Janet Fear, May Misener Dunning, Dave Winn, Loreen Ogborne, Elaine Kelly